Windshield Cracks, Chips, and Dings

Winter takes a toll on us and our belongings. Throughout winter and into spring there is an influx of damaged windshields. Everyone has experienced this at least one time. Driving down the road and BANG, a rock was kicked up and smacks your windshield. After arriving at your destination take the time to inspect your windshield for any damage; please don’t inspect your windshield until you are stopped in a safe location.

If your windshield looks fine, perfect. Don’t worry about it. However, if you notice a chip where the rock hit you, now you need to figure out what needs to be done. Luckily, windshield repair is inexpensive and quick to do. Auto stores sell repair kits, but we suggest calling a professional that way it is done correctly.

If you let a chip or crack go, you run the risk of that little nuisance turning into a full windshield repair. Even the smallest chip or crack can expand for a number of different reasons. Weather is the most common reason it is growing. From hot to cold or cold to hot, your glass will expand and shrink with temperature and will put more pressure on the glass.

Even simply driving over a pothole, speed bump, or rough terrain can cause the chip or crack to get worse.

If your windshield is damaged. . .

You run the risk of putting you or your passenger in danger. Windshields have more purpose than just to see the road ahead of you. Windshields help support the integrity of your vehicle roof in an accident. If you are involved in a rollover accident, your windshield helps your vehicle roof from collapsing in on it. It also helps your airbags to deploy effectively in an accident.

If you find yourself wondering whether you need a new windshield or just a quick fix, call a professional. If you do need a replacement, check your insurance policy. Most auto insurance covers the cost of a new windshield; you will only have to pay your deductible.

Windshield cracks and chips happen unfortunately, most of the time they are completely unavoidable. If you have questions about your auto insurance, contact us. We can walk you through your policy and can even help you find the best windshield repair business in your area.