Safety Tips for an Enjoyable Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching. What better way to celebrate our freedom then to hang out with family and friends in a backyard celebration. The best way to have a fun and safe Fourth of July is to follow these simple safety tips!

Firework Safety

Fireworks are the main staple of the Fourth of July. Everyone seems to do their part on this day to show off all their own personal firework stash. Here are some important rules you should follow if you plan to set off any fireworks.

  • Make sure children are at a safe distance when setting them off. Also, never allow children to ignite the fire works.
  • Do not pickup any lit fire works, or try to relight any “duds”.
  • Make sure an adult is supervising all firework activity.
  • Only set off one firework at a time.
  • Make sure to have water or a hose nearby in case of a fire.
  • Keep your pets indoors and in a safe location. More animals run away on this day than any other day.
Child Safety

Parties and firework displays are fun for the whole family. It is important that you and your kids have a set safety plan in place when enjoying the day and evening. This may include having your family dressed in a certain way that will help you identify them at a distance. If you were to be separated, make sure you have a family meet up spot that everyone knows to go to if they get lost. Worst case scenario; make sure your child knows to find a police officer if they can’t find the meeting spot.

Water Safety

Watching fireworks from a lake or ocean is truly magical. But while you are at or on the water, it is important to follow these safety tips. Make sure that everyone is wearing their lifejacket and that you have enough lifejackets for everyone on your boat. Never allow kids to swim alone. Make sure there is an adult monitoring everyone in the pool. Follow all pool rules such as “No Diving”. Make sure there is a telephone nearby in case of emergency.

Sun Safety

Hopefully our Fourth of July is beautiful and warm and not cloudy and rainy. However, make sure to practice safe sun tips during the holiday. Limit your sun exposure between 10am and 4pm. Be sure to apply 15 SPF or higher and reapply as needed. Finally, drink plenty of water through out the day also.

We hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July Holiday! Don’t forget to follow these safety tips to prevent any accidents that could occur from happening.

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