PA Ranks 3 for Most Collisions with Deer

Deer sighting are on the rise this time of year. From October to December, you are more likely to hit a deer because this is during their mating season. Deer also become more active in the early morning hours and dusk. Since days are getting shorter, the likely hood of you being in your vehicle now puts you at greater risk of seeing or colliding with a deer.

It’s important to stay alert while driving. Deer can jump into your path at any given moment and cause property damage.  Some steps you can follow while driving are:

  • Follow the speed limit
  • Deer travel in groups, so if you see one there is a good chance there are more
  • Deer crossing signs are to inform you of high activity in the area
  • If you can use your high beams, use them
  • Always stay focused on the road while driving.
  • Put electronic devices away
  • Do not swerve to miss a deer, this may cause a more severe crash
  • Always buckle up while driving and if you are on a motorcycle, wear a helmet and proper gear

There was a national study conducted by State Farm, which lists the likelihood of deer collisions. Pennsylvania ranked 3 in the nation for accidents caused by deer.  The odds for every 67 drivers, 1 will hit a deer while driving.

Here at Watson Insurance, we want you to be safe while on the road.  Remember to stay alert and don’t allow any distractions. If you are involved in a deer collision, give us a call today so we can help you.